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Certification Services

Mammoth provides comprehensive certification services on transport category aircraft through our Organization Designation Authorization (ODA). We find creative, reasonable, and economical ways to show compliance with the regulations. Mammoth also manages the entire certification process for you - saving you time and money!


Our Services Include:

  • Approve Technical data or Find Compliance to Airworthiness Standards

  • Issue STCs and/or Amendments

  • Approve Operational or Repair Information

  • Approve Airworthiness Limitations Information

  • Establish Conformity Inspection Requirements

  • Approve Data for Major Alterations or Major Repairs

  • Determine Conformity of Parts and Test Articles

  • Determine Conformity of Test Setups

  • Perform Compliance Inspections

  • Issue/Amend Standard Airworthiness Certificates

  • Issue/Amend Special Airworthiness Certificates

  • Determine Conformity of Articles Including Test Articles

  • Determine Conformity of Test Setups

  • Determine Conformity of Installations of Articles, including TIA Inspections on a Product

  • Perform Approvals in Support of TC ODA Holder Projects

The Mammoth Difference

Collaborating with the Mammoth ODA for your certification projects saves you time and money by speeding up the entire certification process using a foundation of experience and demonstrated trust that Mammoth ODA has earned from the FAA.


Unconstrained by federal holidays, weekends, and extended hours, Mammoth simply gets the job done when time and budget matter.

Contact us today for your STC project

Robert Miller

ODA Lead Administrator

O: +1 689-232-0777

M: +1 217-741-5250


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