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Conversion Facilities

Aspire MRO_hangar.jpg

Aspire MRO

Mammoth is pleased to announce a strategic investment in a world class widebody maintenance and modification facility.  Through this investment, Mammoth is embarking on a long-term partnership with Aspire MRO.


The state-of-the-art facility is located at Alliance Airport in Fort Worth, Texas.

Facility features include:

  • 778,125 sq/ft clear span hangar. One of the largest aircraft modifications and heavy maintenance facilities in the world

  • 180,000 sq/ft back shops, manufacturing, engineering, design and test labs

  • 7 wide body bays; Full 10 Ton Overhead Crane System in each bay

  • Accommodates all Boeing aircraft including 777-200LR and 777-300ER in all bays

  • Two full heavy maintenance widebody docks (fuselage, wings, and empennage)

  • Priority use of significant ramp space (Entire Apron and Wash Rack)

  • 62,000 sq/ft Main Cargo Door and door surround assembly and support shop – Building 6 (4 Ton Crane System)

GDC Technics_overhead.png

STS Aviation Services

In 2022, Mammoth signed up STS Aviation Services to preform passenger-to-freighter conversions for the Mammoth 777 program. All work will be performed at their Manchester, UK facility, which will also provide Mammoth with AOG, product support and spares provisioning throughout Europe.


The STS facility incorporates 245,522 square feet with a hangar that has doors located at each end of the facility to allow for easy access from both apron areas. Additionally, their is a 3 story office facility attached to the hangar.

MAN HGR External.jpg
STS Manchester.jpg
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