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Mammoth's 777 Main Cargo Door is Truly Mammoth

  • Mammoth’s main deck side door is larger than the 747-400F, 767-300, OEM 777 freighter and all other competitive 777 conversion products.

  • Overall reduction of cargo door jamb damage for the life of the asset

  • Ability to accommodate larger and longer “outsized” special mission cargo.

  • Loading speed of outsized cargo is improved due to larger cargo door.

  • Mammoth’s increased door size allows the operator to “make the turn” with longer industrial cargo.

  • New generation of A350 engine fan modules easily accommodated with larger Mammoth door.

  • Mammoth’s wider cargo door and last pallet location should offer a common K-loader positioning, with no movement required for combined G and M code configurations.

Mammoth Freighters Main Cargo Door and Assembly Team  (Forth Worth, TX)
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